Stylish Scarf Face Masks

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This 2-in-1 scarf mask is a stylish, multifunctional layer of protection to avoid breathing in airborne pollutants.  The silk material is soft, breathable and very comfortable to wear day or night.  
  • 2-layer silk scarf mask
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Wind and dust proof
  • Machine or hand washable with care
  • Multiple colorful patterns
  • One adult size
  • Minimum Order: 100 pieces
  • 14-day turnaround

For orders over 1000 pieces, contact us for discounted pricing. Order@wrapperoo.com

Not FDA approved. Wash after each wear. Mask must be properly worn for optimal protection. Wrapperoo® doesn't guarantee that masks will prevent infection with COVID-19 or other illnesses. To prevent infection with COVID-19 follow the CDC's guidelines. Not for use under age 3. Machine wash cold, air dry or tumble dry low. 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane. For general public use only, not medical grade.